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The AJC has six landing stations throughout the Australasia region: two in Australia (Oxford Falls and Paddington), two in Guam (Tanguisson and Tumon Bay) and two in Japan (Shima and Maruyama).

Each station has a diverse cable landings in each country, with diverse terrestrial links in Australia and Guam for building network resiliency. Landing stations in Japan, have diverse wet segments between Shima and Maruyama.

The AJC network cable consists of two fibre pairs linking Australia, Guam and Japan. The cable is approximately 12,700km in length, with a 254 repeater placed close to 45Km apart – which links Australia, Guam and Japan. The cable was recently upgraded and can now support up to 10Tb/s capacity with additional upgrades, utilising current 2020 technology.

AJC supports data rates and interfaces at:
STM-1 = 155.520 Mbit/s
STM-4 = 622.080 Mbit/s
STM-16 = 2.488320 Gbit/s
STM-64 = 9.953280 Gbit/s
10G WAN = 9.95328 Gbit/s
10G LAN = 10.3125 Gbit/s
OTU2 = 10.70 Gbit/s
OTU2e = 11.09 Gbit/s
OTU4 = 112 Gbit/s