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Cable Ship

Cable Ship

AJC has 2 separate agreements for the provision of Marine Maintenance services. Under these agreements, AJC has access to cable ships, trained expertise and associated depots where spare cable, repair consumables and submarine plant are stored.

1) North of Guam - NTTWEM

  • Co-operative agreement with a number of Cable Maintenance Authorities and ship operators.
  • Use and access to cable ship Subaru, based in Yokohama, Japan including on board Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV).
  • Cable depot in Yokohama, Japan

2) South of Guam - South Pacific Maintenance Agreement

  • Private maintenance agreement between AJC and SubCom.
  • Cable Ship is CS Reliance, and includes on board ROV.
  • Cable depot in Samoa.
Cable ship

Cable ship

Key facts.

  • Reliance is normally based at Noumea whilst the cable depot is located in Samoa.
  • Reliance is contracted under a private agreement.
  • Ship is used by the South Pacific Maintenance group to provide cable services throughout the South Pacific and provides coverage for AJC to Guam.
  • Ships provide repair capability at all water depths > 15 metres.
  • AJC also conducts regular Simulated Repair Exercises between AJC NOC and the ships to test communications and procedures.
Operations and Maintenance

Operations and Maintenance

Key Points.

  • Once a fault is confirmed and localized, a request to mobilise the ship is sent to the relevant ship operator.
  • Ship has an agreed time to prepare and sail for the repair site.
  • Upon sailing, she will have sufficient supplies to allow at least 30 days at sea.
  • During the transit to site, the ship will develop a detailed method of procedure that will be used during the repair process.