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AJC Tanguisson Cable Station

The AJC Cable station in Tanguisson was an extension to a pre-existing cable station at Guam. An additional floor was added on top of the existing cable station. Included in the extension was additional DC Power capability, additional air conditioning plant and upgrading of the backup AC power plant.

The station and staff are experienced in submarine cable operation. The Tanguisson station is the landing station for the AAG and China-US cable systems.

The station is designed to cope with the tropical realities of typhoons. In addition the internal equipment mountings are designed to meet earthquake requirements.

AJC Tumon Bay Cable Station

The AJC Cable Station at Tumon Bay was a new building within the existing cable station compound. The building was integrated into the existing facilities and the old and new are interconnected via an underground tunnel. Power and Air conditioning systems were upgraded during the construction.

Station design incorporated the appropriate typhoon and earthquake requirements.

Tumon Bay is also the landing station for the GOKI cable system and formally the terminal station for Pacrim West.