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AJC – SDH Based Options

1. Protected
Because of AJC’s exceptional availability, protected capacity is an ideal solution for traditional voice traffic, high grade private leases and other services requiring a high level of network protection.

2. Unprotected
Unprotected traffic allows customers to transport IP traffic without paying a premium for capacity. It enables customers to incorporate AJC capacity into the mesh networks to substantially enhance regional network survivability

3. GbEthernet
Ethernet Private Line (EPL) brings the benefits of VC-4 scalability (Ethernet on SDH) allowing customers to connect to AJC’s state of the art network on Gigabit Ethernet interfaces.

AJC – Wavelength Based Options (Currently on 10G multi-rate Client Interfaces)

1. 10G Direct Wavelength Access (9.953G)

2. 10G WANPHY (9.953G)

3. 10G LANPHY (10.3G)

4. OTU2 (10.7G)