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AJC Oxford Falls Cable Station – Telstra International Telecommunications Facility

AJC Oxford Falls cable station is contained within a new building. The building was purpose built to house the AJC Cable station and included an upgrade to the plant to support the cable system. Air conditioning, generating plant and battery plant are all fully redundant.

Oxford Falls is an International telecommunications facility and is located approximately 20 km from the centre of Sydney. It is connected to AJC’s other Australian landing station at Paddington by 2 diverse fibre routes.

The Oxford Falls facility is manned 24 x 7 by experienced telecommunications technicians.

AJC Paddington Cable Station – Telstra International Telecommunications Facility

AJC Cable station in Paddington was established within an existing International Telecommunications Facility. AJC refurbished a portion of one level of the facility. The refurbishment included new air conditioning plant, new DC power capabilities and incorporated integration into existing redundant AC power capabilities.

In addition to the transmission equipment associated with the cable station, all the AJC management terminals are installed at Paddington Cable station. This allows Paddington to provide a backup NOC facility if there are any issues with the normal AJC NOC.

The site is manned 24 x 7 and is only a few kilometers from centre of the Sydney CBD. It is also connected to the AJC Cable station at Paddington by Diverse Fibre cables.